MC2-SH Data Dual - Digital Media Shredder

MC2-SH Data Dual - Dual Norm Harddisk Shredder

Data carrier shredder for (mobile) service providers, health insurance companies, computer centres, authorities, etc.

The MC2-SH Data Dual is based on our MC2-SH Shredder and replaces 2 conventional data shredders. The cutting unit is divided into 2 individual cutting zones and allows the shredding according to 2 different DIN security levels or of 2 different types of data media.

There is a choice of cutting units for the:
- cost-efficient shredding of hard disks according to DIN 66399 H4
- High security destruction of hard disks according to DIN 66399 H5
- Destruction of digital storage media and magnetic data carriers according to DIN 66399 E4 & T5

On request we can also ensure compatibility with other standards and requirements.

The powerful cutting zones are equipped with many high-performance knives and offer a throughput capacity of the top class. The safety feed flaps provide maximum protection for the operator and high process reliability.

The dual use option is particularly interesting for service providers, who can offer their customers, for example, cost-efficient destruction in accordance with DIN 66399-H4 and high-security destruction in accordance with DIN 66399-H5 with just one machine. Alternatively, it is possible to cover the stages H5, E4 and T5 with only one machine.


For maximum compatibility with customer-specific collection containers, the underframe is available in different versions. The throughput capacity depends on the drive power and the data carriers to be destroyed.

On request, we are happy to offer you additional options such as video monitoring of the cutterbar, automatic lubrication devices, lock systems to prevent unauthorized access, extraction systems, additional sound insulation, ... an.

The requirements of the BSI according to the "Guideline for the deletion and destruction of classified information on data carriers" BSI-TL 03420 (v2.3 / August 2018) are fulfilled.


DIN 66399 H4 >1000/hour


DIN 66399 H5 >200/hour

SSD, Mobiles & Pads

DIN 66399 E4

Tapes, LTO & Cards

DIN 66399 T5


  • 2-shaft shredder in industrial quality
  • welded and stress-relieved annealed machine housing
  • oversized hexagonal drive-shafts
  • exchangeable cutting tools and screens
  • low rotational speed to avoid flying sparks
  • multi-level gear/cutter section sealing
  • automatic reversing control with blockage detection
  • robust planetary gear
  • simple usage
  • made in Germany

technical data

  • cutting section: 500x530mm
  • dimensions: 2090x860mm
  • drive power: 5,5, 7,5 or 11 kW
  • weight: approx 1,3t



  • video surveillence
  • automatic lubrication
  • lock system
  • dust extraction system
  • additional sound insulation
DIN 66399 H4 sample

DIN 66399 H4

Hard Disk

DIN 66399 H5 sample

DIN 66399 H5

Hard Disk

DIN 66399 E4

Smartphones, Tablets & USB Sticks

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MC2 Data Digital Media Shredder
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